Supervisor:  Robert Vácha

Annotation: Cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) are peptides that can spontaneously translocate cell membranes. CPPs can thus carry drugs into the cell or act as drug themselves. However, it remains unclear what conditions enables peptides to translocate and how it is affected by membrane composition. The aim of this project is to investigate the translocation of selected peptides across phospholipid membranes under non-equilibrium conditions, which correspond to experiments. The main tool will be Molecular dynamics simulations with free energy calculations using Gromacs program package and coarse-grained force field. This project will be complemented by experiments providing verification and feedback of membrane disruption. The findings could be used in the design of new antimicrobial and cell-penetrating peptides.

Requirements on candidates:

Experience with Molecular dynamics simulations on membranes and/or proteins, the previous use of free energy calculation methods is advantageous

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