RECETOX, the research centre at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, is focused on the research and education in the cross-cutting area of Environment and Health, namely interactions among chemicals, the environment, and biological systems, including environmental and health risk assessments, more about us at www.recetox.muni.cz.

We invite applications for a Ph.D. position in Environmental Health Sciences Ecotoxicology to work in the group of Cell and Tissue Toxicology led by Assoc. Prof. Pavel Babica, secantox.weebly.com.



3-dimensional in vitro models in toxicology

The Ph.D. project will focus on (1) the development and optimization of 3-dimensional in vitro cultures derived from adult stem and progenitor cells, (2) to be used for assessment of cell- and tissue-specific molecular and cellular events altered by toxicologically and pharmacologically relevant chemicals, (3) in order to characterize and predict their human health effects and adverse outcomes.


RECETOX Ph.D. student position offers

  •         4-year Ph.D. programme with financial support for 4 years
  •         Interdisciplinary scientific topics
  •          Supervision by experienced mentors and excellent scientists and tailored study plan
  •          Excellent and state-of-the-art research infrastructure
  •          International mobility and internships
  •          International and friendly environment
  •          Courses developing transferable skills


Candidate profile

  •    Complete MSc. or equivalent degree in  biomedical, toxicological, pharmaceutical or life sciences (or related fields)
  •    Solid background and experience in microscopic imaging, in vitro cell cultures and molecular biology is an advantage
  •    Ability to work independently but as a team member
  •    Good knowledge of English, both oral and written


Discussion about the research topic with the supervisor is mandatory before the formal application – contact directly the supervisor Assoc. Prof. Pavel Babica, Ph.D., babica@recetox.muni.cz, prior April 15, 2019.



For a consultation with the supervisor, candidates should submit the application including

(i) curriculum vitae, (ii) motivation letter, (iii) contacts of two persons who might provide references.

Formal application to Ph.D. studies at Masaryk University will then require further documentation and formalities from the candidates and will be processed through an electronic application system. More information and link for application are available at www.recetox.muni.cz/phd-positions.

 Anticipated starting date:           fall 2019 or to be agreed


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