CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure at Brno University of Technology opens position for:

Nanofabrication Process Specialist

The CEITEC Nano Research Infrastructure at Brno University of Technology is Czech Republic’s largest cleanroom nanocentre which provides complex equipment, expertise and methods for nanotechnology and advanced materials R&D. The CEITEC Nano facilities for nanofabrication, nanocharacterization, structural analysis and X-ray computed tomography enable to carry out complete fabrication of nanostructures and nanodevices and their characterization down to the sub-nanometre level in an entirely clean environment. For additional information about CEITEC Nano please visit http://nano.ceitec.cz.

We are inviting applications from qualified candidates for the position of micro- and nanofabrication process specialist for the nanofabrication facility.

The role of the process specialist is to develop and set up specific processes and workflows in the facility, to complete various projects according to requests of users/customers of the research infrastructure. Successful candidate will participate in a multidisciplinary research and education environment utilizing a wide range of instrumentation available in the CEITEC Nano. The processes will cover optical and e-beam lithography, wet and dry etching, thin film depositions, packaging, metrology and testing. Other responsibilities include mentoring and training students/researchers, facilitating research projects by suggesting process improvements, establishing and maintaining baseline facility processes, writing internal documentation.

Essential qualifications:

  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. in natural sciences or engineering.
  • Experience with micro- and nanofabrication technologies.
  • Working experience in an academic cleanroom setting.
  • Excellent communication skills are required to interact with facility users.
  • Knowledge of safety and health issues concerning cleanroom equipment, operations,

We offer:

  • Interesting permanent-position job in state-of-the-art academic cleanroom nanocentre.
  • Competitive salary, performance bonuses.
  • Further training and personal development, i.e. participation in workshops and conferences.
  • 6 weeks holiday.

Start date:

  • Negotiable

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume documenting their experience and skill set, and contact information for 2 or more references. Application must be received by October 31, to ensure consideration. Please submit your application by e-mail to recruitment@ceitec.vutbr.cz.

Source: https://www.vutbr.cz/uredni-deska/pracovni-prilezitosti/vyberova-a-prijimaci-rizeni-na-pracovni-mista-f18832/ceitec-but-nanofabrication-process-specialist-d152756/ceitec-but-nanofabrication-process-specialist-p143689