Supervisor: Jozef Hritz, Ph.D.

Consultant: prof. Lukas Žídek, Ph.D.

The main neuropatological signs of Alzheimer disease are associated with the fibrillization of tau protein into neurofibrillar tangles. Studying of how different factors influence the formation of protein fibrils is the key for understanding these neurodegerative processes. The main aim of this PhD project will be characterization of conformational changes in the formation of tau fibrils due to their truncations, phosphorylation and the interaction with 14-3-3 proteins. Interdisciplinary approach combining biomolecular NMR, biophysical interaction techniques and computational methods will be applied. The described activities are part of international research projects allowing to spend the part of PhD study at the groups of our collaborators in Europe or North and South America and to learn specific research techniques, there.


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Keywords: Molecular Biophysics, tau protein, phosphorylation, 14-3-3 proteins, neurodegenerative diseases, NMR, computational simulations

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