Studies of photosynthetic processes by means of optical and biochemical methods. Photosynthesis is a complex process requiring interplay of pigments, proteins and lipids for efficient utilization of light energy. Students work on projects analyzing energy transfer efficiency, photoprotection mechanisms, structure-function relationship and other aspects of photosynthetic apparatus components from various photosynthetic organisms by employing a broad range of optical and analytical methods such as steady-state and time-resolved absorption and fluorescence spectroscopies or circular dichroism as well as a diverse set of biochemical analysis methods.

Contact persons: dr. Radek Litvín (rlitvin@prf.jzu.cz), dr. David Bína (bina@umbr.cas.cz)

More about PhD study at Institute of Physics: https://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/ufy/studies/biophysics.html