Summer practice /PhD position in Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University, the workplace in Research Laboratory at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Diagnostics in University Hospital Hradec Králové.

Are you interested in research work, working with biological materials, proceeding of clinical samples in research studies? This is your chance to start in our lab and continue as PhD student.

Research laboratory is dealing with modern trends of various sample preparation procedures, separation techniques as HPLC-MS and Ultracentrifugation, new methods development and its validation for clinical research in University Hospital.

We offer scholarship 15 tis. Kč/month till 30th Sept 2022, then it is possible to submit application form for regular PhD study.

Contact: krcml1aa@faf.cuni.cz – research project informations, nohejlk@faf.cuni.cz – internship informations