Job description:

Positions are available in our team focused on the investigation of anaerobic protists (microbial eukaryotes) classified as Preaxostyla. Our major aims are to disclose the mitochondrial metabolism in Paratrimastix pyriformis and the mechanisms of Fe-S cluster synthesis in closely related oxymonads that lack mitochondria entirely. We also examine biotic interactions between these protists and their prokaryotic companions in the culture and natively in the termite hindgut. Furthermore, we test the possibilities of directed evolution via mitochondrial knock-outs in other selected anaerobes and develop tools to study the evolution of protein targeting into organelles.


Starting salary 45000 CZK (1713 Eur) per month.


Please send (1) CV including a list of publications, (2) copy of PhD diploma, (3) motivation letter, and (3) contact details for 2–3 referees (references) by 31st of October 2021.

E-mail for sending applications: vlada@natur.cuni.cz

Desired skills and experience:

Qualification in cell biology (cell fractionation, LOPIT proteomics, immunofluorescence, genetic transformation, RNAi, immunolocalisation, immunoprecipitation, two-hybrid system, FISH) and/or genomics (single-cell methods, NGS library preparations and data handling, binning, metagenomics, metabarcoding, transcriptome and genome assembly and annotation, methods of comparative genomics, programming) is an advantage but enthusiasm and invention are necessary conditions.

About the employer:

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