Job Title

Ph.D./Research Assistant/Associate

Department/ Division

Experimental Centre


Civil Engineering

Reporting To PI

Dr. Jan Novák

Job Purpose

To develop an ultralight high-performance frame structure of a wheelchair for heavily disabled children, namely on the basis of recent standards in ergonomics, design and latest outcomes in materials engineering, composite structures, mathematical modelling and optimization algorithms. In particular, structural components of the wheelchair will be designed in 3D CREO environment, optimized with respect to their mechanical performance (stiffness) and weight, prototyped and experimentally tested in order to validate theoretical predictions. Computational models will be based on multi-scale modelling and will be solved numerically. The models of individual wheelchair components will be parameterised for optimization purposes.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. Development of virtual 3D model components with respect to their visual appearance, functionality and technological aspects.

2. Discretization of 3D models for numerical analyses (FE mesh generation).

3. Involvement in developing a computational framework for FEM supported optimization process.

4. Interaction with OOFEM FE solver developers.

5. To write up research findings and outcomes in form of reports as well as peer-reviewed publications in consultation with the PI.

6. To present data/findings at national/international conferences.

7. To support colleagues and informally supervise less experienced members of the project team, e.g. MSc. students, to assist with their professional development.

8. Maintain the source codes developed by the group.

9. To keep up to date with current developments in subject field.

10. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as required by the project PI.

Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills and Experience



A1 A good MSc (Ing.) or equivalent in mathematical modelling, or mathematics, physics or engineering


B1 A record/interest in open-source electronic platform as Arduino, and/or rapid prototyping, 3D printing, etc.



C1 Knowledge of CREO 3.0 system/modelling tool

C2 Basic understanding of software programming

C3 Applied mathematics – calculus, probability, differential equations

C4 Ability to work in a group and interact with other team members effectively

C5 Ability to come up with research ideas and implement them independently

C6 Writing quality international journal publications

C7 Ability to communicate successfully both orally and in written English


D1 Experience in the field of composite materials

D2 Experience of parallel programming

D3 Numerical solution of PDEs and/or SDEs

D4 Experience in additive manufacturing technologies

D5 Experience in open-source electronic platforms

D6 Experience in physical testing/experimentation





F1 Industry experience

F2 A previous research experience in an academic setting


To carry out a range of research activities and functions.

Informal supervision and support of less experienced members of the project team e.g. MSc. students/Interns.

Purchase of equipment, materials, services and software with agreement of PI.

Job Features

Planning and Organising

Reacting to duties assigned by PI

Planning activities and working towards deadlines.

Using modelling and simulation tools.

Decision Making

In consultation with PI, deciding on research directions and goals, within remit of original project proposal.

Purchases of technical materials (in conjunction with PI).

Identifying best journals for publication and which seminars/conferences to attend.

Internal/External Relationships

University colleagues: to exchange information to ensure efficient working.

External bodies (1to1design s.r.o.): to maintain co-operation at all levels.

Problem Solving

Assisting with problems relating to delivery of results.

Assisting in progress towards evaluation and analysis of results.

Assist with supervision of research associates/fellows/students.

Work with other researchers in a collaborative way, where appropriate.


Good written and oral reporting skills.


On request, Please contact Dr. Jan Novák, novakja@fsv.cvut.cz or Jevgenija Ugrinovič e.zenkovich@1to1design.eu

Terms & Conditions

Salary: CZK24.000 to CZK40.000 (EUR equivalent approx. 1000-2000) according to qualification and performance

Job period: 1.6.2018 – 31.5.2020

Location: Prague, Czech Republic, CTU campus/1to1design s.r.o. base in Prague Malešice

Closing date for applications: until it is filled

Method of Application

By emailing to either/both: novakja@fsv.cvut.cz or/and e.zenkovich@1to1design.eu