This topic will strongly boost your career in cybersecurity, and in addition, it has a significant potential to deliver value for our society. Do we have your attention?

  • Brno
  • Full–time
  • Applied research

What’s this about?

  • The goal of this Ph.D. research is to advance the state of the art of environments and data mining methods used in cybersecurity tabletop exercises.
  • The first part focuses on designing and evaluating a novel, use-case-driven platform to enable teachers to conduct tabletop exercises efficiently.
  • The second part centers around proposing innovative methods for mining data about student activity in the exercise platform, aiming to evaluate students automatically.

The key research areas

  • Learning technologies – including the investigation of current solutions, requirements gathering, and prototyping, as well as supervising students responsible for the development.
  • Educational data mining – includes understanding the domain constraints, available data, and discussing the insights resulting from the application and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  • Field studies – including the design and execution of practical field studies and experiments, following proper methodology and best practices.

This applied research is conducted in cooperation with the National Cyber and Information Security Agency and has a vast potential for impact in practice. It shall expand and advance the technologies and methods researched at Masaryk University within the upcoming Inject project.

More information and application form here: https://cybersec.fi.muni.cz/careers/phd_position_data-mining_cybersecurity_table-top_exercises