The Sumbalova Koledova research group: Mechanisms of epithelial morphogenesis aims to unravel
fundamental mechanisms of organ formation and tumorigenesis with translational applications towards
biotechnology and therapeutic aproaches. To this end, we use an interdisciplinary approach employing
organoids, genetic mouse models, single-cell and spatial genomics, biosensors, state-of-the-art imaging
techniques, mathematical modelling, and AI-driven image analysis. The PhD project will focus on
developing novel solutions to human nutrition using organoids. The project has major technology
transfer potential and tackles environmental challenges of food industry.
Funding: Internal Grant Agency of Masaryk University
• Highly motivated, passionate, self-driven and creative candidates with MSc (or equivalent) in
cell, developmental or molecular biology, biotechnology, or related areas
• Interest in developmental biology and fundamental processes of life
• Excellent communication skills, ability to work in an interdisciplinary team
• Previous experience with cell and organoid culture is advantageous but not essential
• Willingness to travel abroad for meetings and research internships
• Active knowledge of English
Publications from the Sumbalova Koledova group: shorturl.at/zDHOQ
For the latest information about our research activity, follow Twitter account @KoledovaZuzana
Informal inquiries about the PhD topic are welcome at koledova@med.muni.cz