Hydrogels represent a versatile platform for a variety of biomedical applications – for example, in the drug delivery, as extracellular matrix models, or in tissue engineering. They mimic real biological environment like tissues or extracellular matrix. Such biological environments are essentially formed by a network skeleton in which fibrous structures are embedded. PhD study will start with a sufficiently thorough literature search and then will focus on preparation of hydrogels with incorporated fibrous structures and on investigation of the influence of the fibers on the properties of resulting hydrogels. Both constituents of the final composite will be selected from two biopolymer groups – polysaccharides and proteins. The effect of the fibrous structures on the properties of hydrogels, which are important for their potential applications in the field of biomedicine and drug delivery, will be studied in detail. Particularly rheological and transport properties will be addressed. Results will be discussed from the viewpoint of preparing hydrogels with properties tailored to a specific medical application and should lead to formulation of concrete composition and preparation procedure of a material suitable for a given application.

Tutor prof. Ing. Miloslav Pekař, CSc.
Deadline: 30. 4. 2023
Application and contacts: https://www.fch.vut.cz/uchazeci/prijimacky/d