Electron microscopy (EM). Electron microscopy offers projects that combine advanced technologies to localize specific components in cell ultrastructures (TEM) or in surface morphology of biological samples (SEM). The projects also include the preparation of biological specimens for electron and correlative microscopy. In addition, our projects are focused also on cryo-EM structural studies of viral particles and protein complexes. The outcome of cryo-EM is 3D structure reconstruction of the studied objects. Another structure reconstruction method available in our laboratory and useful mainly for larger objects (e.g. cell organelles) is electron tomography.

Contact person: ing. Jana Nebesářová (nebe@paru.cas.cz), dr. Zdeno Gardian (gardian@prf.jcu.cz)

More about PhD study at Institute of Physics: https://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/ufy/studies/biophysics.html