Novakova lab (Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic) announces a new opening for a doctoral and a postdoctoral position in the field of insect symbiosis starting September 2018. The selected doctoral candidate will be eligible for a standard PhD scholarship subsidised with a partial employment for a period of 4 years. The postdoctoral position will be funded for a 2-year period (possible extension upon results).

The selected candidate will be involved in the research on complex systems of host- parasite/pathogen-symbiont interface. The systems include several parasitic/symbiotic systems (triatomine bugs, mites, lice, diptera, unicellular eukaryotes and bacteria). The main aims include tracing signatures of ecological, genomic and metabolic processes accompanying adaptations of symbiotic bacteria/microbiomes and blood feeding insects. From the methodological point of view, the projects combine traditional methods of molecular phylogenetics with advanced tools for genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and modern visualisation methods (FISH and confocal microscopy). The candidate will be offered to participate in the annual field work carried in the United States.

Desired skills and experience

For the doctoral position, a master degree in any biological discipline is mandatory. Further background in the field of parasitology is advantageous.

The Postdoctoral candidate must possess a PhD in entomology, evolutionary biology, microbiology, parasitology, genomics or bioinformatics gained in 2015 or later. Since the position falls under a young investigator grant category, the candidate must be under the age of 35.

Solid proficiency with standard molecular techniques and bioinformatics for large data sets is a must. Candidates experienced in microbiome analyses, transcritopmics and/or genome assembly are preferred.

Excellent English communication at both written and oral level.

Documents to submit

  • CV including a list of publications
  • Contact information for two references
  • Scanned proof of MSc/PhD degree
  • Brief description of prior research, skills, experiences and interests (a single page)
About the employer

The Faculty of Science is a successor of the Faculty of Biological Sciences founded in 1991. The school offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study in an array of biological disciplines, and several non-biological fields, including chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics. The Faculty of Science is an equal opportunity employer highly supporting interdisciplinarity in science. The Department has established successful collaborations with number of US and British labs leading the field of symbiosis and microbial ecology. The group of Dr. Eva Novakova currently comprises two postdocs, several undergrads and the PhD level lab manager (http://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/kpa/structure/groups/eva-novakova/people.html). All applicants who would bring additional dimensions to the department research and its teaching mission are welcome to apply.

The suitable candidates will be interviewed online by the group leader, lab manager and other postdocs. The applications will be reviewed as they are received and interview calls scheduled accordingly. For further enquiries and to apply, please contact Eva Novakova: novaeva@paru.cas.cz.