In accordance with the The Competitive Hiring Process Code of Charles University, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University announces opening of the following position with submission deadline September 15, 2024

Application Instructions

Please send the application and the required documents in digital form to the e-mail address positions@matfyz.cuni.cz. The job code of the position for which the application is being submitted should be indicated in the subject line.

If any recommendation letters are required, the applicant is responsible to ensure that they are sent to the same e-mail address positions@matfyz.cuni.cz. The subjects of these e-mails should also contain the job offer code.

Candidates who progress to the second round of the selection procedure will be invited to an interview. The interview may be conducted by means of information and communication technology if justified, at the request of the candidate. The Committee may invite selected candidates to give a lecture to the academic community of the Faculty.


  • At least 15 years of experience (including theoretical and especially practical knowledge) in the field of methods for determining the structure of materials using scanning electron microscopy, including backscattered electron diffraction, analytical methods (EDS, WDS), the use of the focused ion beam method and in-situ methods of studying deformation processes in materials. An advantage is knowledge of other experimental methods for the study of materials, such as electrical resistance measurement, differential scanning calorimetry, dilatometry, X-ray diffraction, and possibly also expertise in the field of mechanical properties and microstructure development of hexagonal metals (magnesium, zinc, titanium). Ph.D. in the relevant field, professional experience in the given field, positive attitude to pedagogical work, and ability to integrate scientific activities and teaching. Constant publication activity in the given field, H-index at least 15 according to WoS. Experience in leading research projects at the principal investigator or co-investigator position in the last 5 years. The condition is the completion of a postdoctoral stay abroad of a minimum duration of 6 months. The applicant must be able to teach in both Czech and English


  • Physics of materials with a focus on methods of determining the structure of materials using scanning electron microscopy methods

Required Documents

  • structured CV
  • evidence of education, scientific and pedagogical degrees and scientific ranks
  • list of scientific and publication activity
  • letter of recommendation
  • motivation letter

Job offer code: 202409-VP2-MFF-KFM-054
Published: 2024-06-24
Starting date by agreement: Yes
Hours per week: 40
Duration: 3 years
Pay grade: VP2
Contract for an indefinite period: No