The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB Prague) invites applications for a Junior Group Leader position in synthetic organic chemistry with a strong emphasis on synthetic approaches to complex target molecules at the interface of chemistry and biology.

This tenure-track position is comparable to an Assistant Professor at a US university, or to a new investigator position at the Max Planck Institutes in Germany. IOCB aims to enhance its international character and is committed to inclusivity and diversity. Applications from any country are welcome and we strongly encourage female or minority candidates to apply.

IOCB Prague in a nutshell:

  • A leading research institute in the Czech Republic in the framework of the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Many  years of successful basic and applied research in organic chemistry, biochemistry, the chemistry of natural products, theoretical chemistry, and physical organic chemistry
  • Operates in three major research clusters: BIO (biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology, physiology, cell biology, chemical ecology, diagnostic tools, neuroscience), CHEM (drug discovery, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, natural products chemistry, materials chemistry, chemical biology, nanochemistry), PHYS (drug design, molecular modeling, computational chemistry, quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, separation science)
  • Powerful system of technology transfer aimed at successful commercialization of relevant results
  • Collaboration with top research institutes and commercial partners worldwide
  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • International multicultural environment with English as a common language
  • Unprecedented financial position allowing for freedom to choose and pursue projects
  • Completely renovated campus with a new building dedicated to organic chemistry
  • Located in Prague near the city center in the vicinity of several universities and the National Library of Technology

Junior groups at IOCB Prague

  • Junior groups are starting with cutting edge projects. They are established to drive research at the forefront of the field and get the resources to develop into world-leading groups with a dynamic and creative research portfolio.
  • Junior Group Leaders are selected in an open competition.
  • Newly established groups are provided with a starting package, salary resources, and equipped laboratory space.
  • Junior groups are mentored and their progress is accompanied by an interim evaluation after three years and a complex evaluation by the IOCB International Advisory Board after five years aimed at promotion for senior group status.
  • The successful Junior Group Leaders are expected to establish an internationally visible research group, publish independent research in respected journals, and secure funding from national and international grant agencies (e.g. the European Research Council and the Czech Science Foundation).

The Institute offers:

  • To establish a research group with negotiable and generous starting package that includes investments for necessary equipment, consumables, and salaries for up to five co-workers
  • Fully equipped laboratory space
  • Excellent research infrastructure, which is free to use
  • Strong logistic and administrative support to receive external funding
  • A competitive salary of the group leader
  • Assistance and financial support to mothers with children
  • Support and help with relocation

The candidate brings:

  • A competitive and cutting-edge research program in synthetic organic chemistry aimed at the synthesis of complex target molecules at the interface of organic chemistry and biology
  • Potential to successfully securing external funding through starting or junior grants by European and national agencies (e.g. the European Research Council and the Czech Science Foundation)
  • A PhD degree in organic chemistry not longer than 6 years ago
  • Relevant postdoctoral experience
  • The ability to lead a research group
  • Potential for in-house and external collaboration

Application package:

  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • Competitive Research proposal (max. 5 pages) for a five year period;
  • Publication list
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation from respected scientists (incl. PhD and postdoc supervisors) must be sent directly to the IOCB Director Dr. Zdeněk Hostomský, who can also provide further information.


  • Applications have to be submitted by July 15, 2020, in the English language as a single pdf document to uochb@uochb.cas.cz.
  • Interviews on September 18-19, 2020
  • Expected start from January 2021


Source: www.uochb.cz/en/open-positions/63/junior-group-leader-position-in-organic-synthesis