Project description: This project will focus on molecular mechanisms underlying development, maturation and function of endocrine beta cells in the pancreas. This project will aim at identifying biomarkers associated with glycemic deterioration in pre-diabetes to diabetes, and diabetes progression via Beta cell dysfunction. The methods used will include knockouts using Cre/loxP and Crispr/Cas9 technologies, global gene expression analyses (RNAseq), immunohistochemistry, and single cell analysis (Beta-cells) of selected targets.

Candidate’s requirements:
M.Sc. or equivalent in cell, molecular and/or developmental biology.

Contact: For application or further information please contact Gabriela Pavlinkova gpavlinkova@ibt.cas.cz

Source: http://www.biocev.eu/open-position-phd-student-development-and-maintenance-of-beta-cells-in-the-pancreas/