Ultrafast spectroscopy. Time-resolved spectroscopy with femtosecond time resolution allows monitoring extremely fast processes occurring in various materials. Our projects are at the borders between physics, chemistry and biology, and they focus on studies of excited-state dynamics of molecules, predominantly photosynthetic pigments. We study processes of energy and/or electron transfer in photosynthetic proteins by means of femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy, but the ultrafast spectroscopy group also develops new methods of ultrafast spectroscopy, such as multi-pulse methods enabling to manipulate populations of excited states or experiments with two-photon excitation.

Contact person: prof. Tomáš Polívka (tpolivka@jcu.cz), www.polivkalab.cz

More about PhD study at Institute of Physics: https://www.prf.jcu.cz/en/ufy/studies/biophysics.html