Genomics and metabolism prediction in microbial eukaryotes

Two postdoctoral fellows with a strong background in computational biology are sought at collaborating groups at the Czech Academy of Sciences. We aim to:

  1. identify novel enzymes involved in microalgal nutrient cycling, photosynthesis and pigment biosynthesis;
  2. understand protist relationships, interactions and metabolism from single cell transcriptomic data.

Algal Evolution and Ecology group at Centre Algatech, Institute of Microbiology in Trebon led by Jan Janouskovec and Eva Horakova. We study evolution, ecology, and molecular biology of protists (PNAS 114:E171–E180; Curr Biol 27(23), eLife 8:e49662; Nat Commun 13:7075).

Laboratory of Environmental Genomics at the Biology Centre, Institute of Parasitology in Ceske Budejovice led by Ales Horak. We study diversity, ecological roles and metabolic potential of unicellular eukaryotes (Curr Biol 26: P3060-3065; iScience 26: 107291; Comm x` Biol 6: 64).

We seek candidates with:

  • a Ph.D. degree in biology that included a sizeable computational component.
  • Experience with Linux terminal, scripting in Python or R, and genomics or phylogenetic analysis.
  • Creativity in omics data integration through computational pipelines.
  • Independent thinking and strong communication skills.
  • First-author publications in well-established journals and a record of research excellence.

We offer:

  • Strong, individual supervision, opportunities for networking and guiding Ph.D. and MSc. students.
  • Opportunities to work with collaborators abroad and present data at international meetings.
  • Contract for up to 3 years reviewed yearly.
  • Pay based on Czech academic pay grades with full health and dental insurance coverage and generous benefits including paid vacation of 30 days per year and lunch & recreation vouchers.
  • International work environment and ongoing collaborations with institutions in the EU and UK.

We have access to local and national computational grids (Metacentrum) and strong ties with the University of South Bohemia. Our institutes have high standards for research excellence, high proportion of iinternational researchers and English as working language.

To apply:

Please send a single PDF document in English containing the following information to Ales Horak (ogar@paru.cz) and/or Jan Janouskovec (janouskovec@alga.cz). The preferred start is at the beginning of 2024. All applications received by November 30, 2023, will be reviewed for the position advertised above. However, we encourage applications through December 31, 2023, as more positions may become available.

  • Motivation letter detailing your fit for the position (max. 1 page).
  • Curriculum vitae with a complete list of peer-reviewed publications (max. 2 pages).
  • Contact information for 2 academic referees (do not include letters with the application).