Workplace: Institute of Parasitology
Department: Biology of Disease Vectors
Laboratory: Laboratory of Vector Immunology
Employment relationship: Employment contract
Job type: Researcher
Researcher profiles: R2, R3
Duration: Fixed-term
Job status: Full-time
Application deadline: 30. 6. 2021



Postdoctoral position focused on bioimaging and utrastructural studies of tick tissues

a 17-month-position in “Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases” is available at the Laboratory of Vector Immunology (head Petr Kopáček). The candidate will focus on tick histological aspects associated with metabolic and reproductive tick physiology. These have been long-term goals of the laboratory but major part of the work will be performed at the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy . On top of tick physiology, the intended research will also include particullar studies evaluating roles of individual genes/proteins in the interraction of ticks with transmitted pathogens (Babesia, Borrelia etc.). Alternative topics will analyze tick saliva components and evaluate their functional roles in ticks-host interractions during the days-long on-host feeding of ticks.

Applicant’s responsibility will be the preparation of tick tissues for microscopical observations, confocal and electron microscopy observations including immuno-labeling and pre-treatment of ticks with chemicals/labels via in vitro membrane feeding.

Net salary will be 2.000 EUR per month with a potential for significant financial benefits depending on applicant’s experience and performance, which enables comfortable life in the Czech Republic.

Laboratory of vector immunology


Min. education level: PhD
Field of education: Histology
Languages: English (Excellent)

– Experience with confocal and electron microscopy
– Maximum of 7 years after PhD (not earlier than in 2015)
– Area of focus in histological studies using modern bioimaging, transmission and scanning electron microscopy approaches
– Candidates that were employed or still have been working within the Czech Republic in past two years are not eligible to apply.


– 1 extra week of holiday, i.e. 5 weeks of paid holiday per year in total
– Subsidized lunches in our own canteen
– Benefits from Social fund
– Working in a stable, prestigious research institution of international importance
– Friendly international working environment
– Support of leisure time activities
– Free language classes – Czech for foreigners, English for Czechs (the capacity is limited)
– Opportunity to take part in mentoring programmes as a mentor or a mentee
– Concessionary mobile tariff at contractual operator
– Concessionary banking services at contractual bank


The Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award. Our selection process is transparent, open, non-discriminating and fair. For more information about the researchers recruitment policy at our institution, see OTM-R

More info for candidates


Applicants should send the following documents via the „REPLY FORM“ accessible HERE by 30 June 2021.

1) Cover letter
2) CV
3) Copy of PhD diploma
4) List of publications

For questions or additional information, please send an e-mail with subject TISSUE MICROSCOPY EXPERT to Dr. Daniel Sojka – sojka@paru.cas.cz


The Institute of Parasitology is one of the largest centers of parasitological research in EU and provides all state-of-the-art facilities required to undertake a multi-disciplinary repertoire of methods, enabling studies on host-parasite interactions at the organismal, cellular and molecular level. The institute is located in České Budějovice (aka Budweis), the central district to the South Bohemia region and known for its original Budweiser (Budvar) beer. České Budějovice, two hours south of Prague in South Bohemia, is an incredibly laid-back and lovely place to live and work. The proximity to other cities and countries is favorable, as it’s tucked in a nook between upper Austria and Bavaria. The city is surrounded by the UNESCO heritage sites of Hluboká nad Vltavou and Český Krumlov, and the pristine nature of the Bohemian Forest National Park offering a lot of outdoor activities.