Jan Konvalinka Group


Prof. RNDr. Jan Konvalinka, CSc.

Field of study:

Developmental and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology


The immune system plays a crucial role in fighting diseases, including cancer. Manipulating the immune system with monoclonal antibodies against certain cancers have become a standard therapeutic approach. However, their high cost, instability and potential immunogenic side effects have caused researchers to turn their attention to the investigation of peptides and small-molecule inhibitors to devise a more effective strategy.
Recently developed polymeric conjugates (iBodies) leverage the advantages of low-molecular-weight compounds as targeting ligands to overcome challenges posed by antibodies. They have demonstrated remarkable efficacy and potential, emerging as viable substitutes for antibodies in a range of analytic and diagnostic techniques. Furthermore, iBodies exhibit promising attributes as modulators of immune responses in cellular experiments.
The primary objective of this project is to advance the development of mono- and bi-specific iBodies targeting both immune and tumor cell surface markers to enhance the efficacy of the immune cell responses against cancer cells.
The PhD candidate will employ diverse methods including protein purification, enzyme kinetic, flow cytometry, ELISA, cell culture, purification of primary human blood cells and possibly mouse experiments.


Faculty of Science & First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University

How to apply:

At the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS / IOCB Prague, we are looking for talented, independent, and highly motivated PhD students with an MSc. degree or equivalent in life sciences or related fields. We are offering more than 20 new exciting projects in organic and medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, analytical, and physical chemistry.

  • Online registration deadline: 3 March 2024
  • Interview Day: 21 March 2024

Learn more and apply at www.uochb.cz/en/call-for-phd-applications.