Wider use of NiTi based shape memory alloys in industrial applications is hindered by their low resistance to fatigue fracture [1]. Nevertheless, high fatigue endurance has been recently reported for cyclic compression of cylindrical samples [2] to be used in solid state elastocaloric cooling systems [3]. In order to understand the discrepancy between few thousands of tensile and 70 millions of compressive cycles until failure, a systematic evaluation of asymmetry in functional and structural thermomechanical properties of NiTi will be performed. The candidate will learn how to characterize thermomechanical properties of shape memory alloys and how to interpret these properties in terms of crystallography of martensitic transformation in NiTi and relevant plastic deformation processes.

Supervisor: Ing. Luděk Heller, Ph.D.

Topic: Materials engineering

Number of vacancies: 1


Language: Czech / English

Location: Prague