Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

PhD position is available immediately to study various aspects of receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) signaling. Current focus is on non-canonical RTK signaling, characterization of RTK signaling complexes, RTK-mediated regulation of primary cilia, and development of tools facilitating re-purposing of clinically used RTK inhibitors. While our primary interest is FGF pathway, we are expanding to the entire human RTK family.

PhD positions are in Biomedical Sciences PhD program – 4 years, full time doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic (funded by standard MU scholarship in addition to grant contract). Candidates should have a background in biochemistry, molecular biology or cell biology. Send CV, short statement of research interests and contacts for three references to: krejcip@med.muni.cz

More about our research:

  • Sci Signal. 2018;11(548):eaap8608.
  • PNAS 2019;116(10):4316-4325.
  • EMBO Mol Med 2020;12(11):e11739.
  • Sci Trans Med. 2021:13(592):eaba4226.

In case of interest, send your CV, short statement of research interest and contact for references to krejcip@med.muni.cz