The recent research focusing on non-thermal plasma application in agriculture is aimed mostly on the influence of direct plasma effects or indirect effects of plasma activated water on plant materials. However, effects on the soil environment are still less examined, both from the physical-chemical and microbiological point of view. Therefore, the thesis will be focused on the study of both direct and indirect low temperature plasma interaction with the soil environment. The low temperature plasma will be generated by different electrical discharges. The goal of the work will be a description of plasma effects on the soil physical-chemical properties as well as on the soil microorganisms. Besides methods for plasma diagnostics, various biological and chemical analyses will be employed for the study.

Tutor doc. Ing. Zdenka Kozáková, Ph.D.
Deadline: 30. 4. 2023
Application and contacts: https://www.fch.vut.cz/uchazeci/prijimacky/d