We’re hiring @ Mileus!

Research & SW Engineering Team

Looking for Software Engineers to Innovate Urban Mobility with Mileus

At Mileus, we make our cities more liveable. By moving commute to a higher level. Will you join us on this ride? 🚀

After having built a successful Czech national ride hailing operator, Liftago, with one of the best rated taxi mobile apps worldwide, I’m building a new startup.

With our team, we’re building a technological platform that innovates urban mobility. And we’re assembling a Research & Software Engineering team consisting of people who have experience or interest in agent-based simulations and resource allocation optimization techniques coupled with data engineering and adaptable interconnected socio-economic behavioral models.

Why should you be interested? What will you be working on as part of the Research & Software Engineering Team? And what is the Mileus DNA (aka our company culture)? Read all about it below.

[REFERRAL PROGRAM] We have a Referral program – if you know someone who’d be a great fit for Mileus engineering team, let me know at juraj@mileus.com. If they start working with us, we reward you with 10,000 CZK / 400 EUR credit for your Liftago rides 🚖

What is the challenge? 🚀

We’re building Mileus Analytics (MAx), a modeling tool that will help transportation service providers and mobility as a service (MaaS) aggregators to implement intermodal and integrated mass transportation services on micro-region (sub-urban) level basis.

Mileus Analytics will answer 4 core business questions:

  1. How to? (set up the service – i.e. what feeding corridors, how many cars / drivers / seats, at what times)
  2. How long? (will it take to reach break-even point and what are the operational parameters to reach it)
  3. How much? (will the capital expenditures / investment need to be until hitting the break-even point)
  4. What’s the ROI? (of such an investment)

This involves quantifying clusters of residential areas and modeling transportation intent inflow model for each residential cluster based on:

  • population’s transportation behavior,
  • models of market penetration (customer acquisition and engagement growths) based on sell side pricing models,
  • models of drivers’ behavior based on resource cost and purchase side incentivisation pricing models,
  • and more – simply put, it will be a challenging ride!


What will your role be? 🦸🦸♂️

As a Researcher & Software Engineer, you will conceptualize, architect and design Mileus Analytics. You will be a hands-on developer and become a product owner of Mileus Analytics product. 

Also possibly (but not necessarily), you will be a technical team lead building your team of various competencies that are required to successfully build and innovate Mileus Analytics products and services.

As a Researcher & Software Engineer, you will get your feet wet with cutting edge technologies and techniques, developing a product that will help make our cities more liveable by decreasing the number of private cars in the streets. 

More about you:

  • You’re a friend with algorithmical programming.
  • You’re not afraid of mathematics, experimentation and building fast feasibility PoCs.
  • Apart from bringing strong experience in core backend and algorithmical programming, you also possess an ability to adapt your knowledge and gain new capabilities across technological space, either mature or cutting edge.
  • You have drive and are hungry to learn new things.

In short – if you are a skilled backend developer, are close to some of these areas and strive to become an expert in any of them, you may be the one. 😉

And what’s our DNA and our offer? 🧬

Open company culture, freedom & trust

We don’t do office politics and we’re as transparent and open as one can be. I may lead the pack and manage our way forward, there are no bosses here, though. Our two operational streams – Product and Business are collaborating and cross functioning together. We are not „Jacks of all trades“, yet you won’t hear „that’s not my job“ answer here, either.

We don’t do „fully-remote“, yet we are very flexible in terms of working hours as well as in-the-office and home-office time split to adapt to everybody’s needs and get in sync with the team’s rhythm.

Intensive learning & growth

Experimenting, failing and learning. The work is diverse and one thing I can guarantee is that there will be constant change and inflow of exciting challenges to figure out. Simply put, you’ll be learning and growing fast – guaranteed.

Our vision and goals are clear, though the road to reach those goals will be a bumpy jog in the fog. Sometimes walking to catch a breath, many times running to make the catch. Oh, and the bruises that strengthen the character. 😉

Co-own the company

We have an ESOP Plan (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) in place to let our team co-own Mileus. You can have a share in the success and value we create.


And finally, the roses and bruises

Is it safe?

Hell no. We are a startup. We began operating only a couple of months ago. It comes with pros and cons. No guarantee you will have a safe sailing ahead of you with us. Though your biggest risk associated with joining us is that you will never want to return to a corporate job. 😉

We are funded. I would lie claiming that everything will always be rosy. We will experience ups and downs. Our current cash will run out earlier than we will turn profitable. I already know that now. I will work relentlessly at the right time to secure more external funding to „survive“. But my part is easy. Yours is important. You will help us build great value and results – a one of a kind product with a global reach.


We help make our cities more liveable. And we find purpose and great excitement in doing so.

If you’re got this far and you think we may be a great mutual fit, let us know! Reach out to me directly at talent@mileus.com or juraj@mileus.com and let’s get to know each other!