Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem

Researcher of Behavioral Laboratories

a prospective Ph.D. student / Ph.D. / Postdoctoral Researcher / Research Internship

Centre of Regulation and Behavioral Studies at Faculty of Social and Economic Studies, University Jan Evangelista Purkyne in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic is seeking applicants with high research interest in Regulatory and Behavioral Science (regulation, behavioral economics, biofeedback or eye-tracking) for the position of Researcher of Behavioral Laboratories.


The main responsibilities of the job position include the following:

  • Planning and formulating research proposals in Regulatory and Behavioral Science
  • Organization and conducting research and experiments with unique Mobile Behavioral Laboratory
  • Collection and Data processing
  • Research coordination and cooperation with Ph.D. students,
  • Supervising Ph.D. students,
  • Engaging and participating in Laboratories of Behavioral Studies
  • Publishing in science journals
  • Cooperation with researchers, application sector and international community

Position is based in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic.
Salary will be commensurate with prior performance and experience.


In accordance with our strategic plan and objectives, we are looking for high-potential candidates to join us whose research interests are related in Regulatory and Behavioral Science, eventually Biofeedback, Eye-tracking or Smart technologies

The successful applicant:

  • study or have completed a doctoral degree in economics, business, management, behavioral science, sociology or related field in an internationally recognized university;
  • has high interest to use unique Mobile Behavioral Laboratory and research infrastructure Laboratories of Behavioral Studies e.g. Eye tracking, Biofeedback, Smart technologies, Behavioral Economics Lab (experiments z-tree, R programming)
  • demonstrates record or potential to publish in quality peer-reviewed research journals in program disciplines;
  • demonstrates record of interdisciplinary research and project experiences
  • demonstrates ability to organize research experiments with research infrastructure
  • is willing to operate at Centre of Regulation and Behavioral Studies in Czech Republic
  • is willing to contribute in a proactive and collegial manner to her/his academic department

Further Description for an Applicant

– About Jan Evangelista Purkyne University/Faculty
– Doctoral School – Regulation and Behavioral Studies
– Research equipment of Laboratories of Behavioral Studies (LABS)
unique Mobile Behavioral Laboratory
e.g. Eye tracking, Biofeedback, Smart technologies, Behavioral Economics Laboratory


Interested applicants should send the following application materials electronically to libor.pacovsky@ujep.cz:

  • a cover letter and a curriculum vitae
  • a brief research focus
  • a list of publications in peer-reviewed journals