Genetia BioScience is a young research and production company active in the field of Plant Breeding, Plant Tissue Culture and Plant Pathogen Diagnostics. With a fast growing, international customer base, we are expanding our business into the indoor horticultural and pharmaceutical market.

We are looking for someone who’s excited to be part of a mission-driven early-stage biotech/ag-tech startup.

As our Research Technician you will play a vital role in keeping our lab running efficiently and productively. A successful candidate will have experience with general plant biology lab experimental approaches, with a strong knowledge of/and experience in a plant technology laboratory setting. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to the company’s strategic goals and think creatively about how to move quickly and solve problems.

In this position you support your colleagues in preparing and independently performing tissue culture activities with different plant species. You will use different cell biological and tissue culture techniques.


  • Routinely formulate and prepare stock and media solutions for use in plant tissue culture.
  • Facilitate research by working closely with colleagues to provide support for tissue culture and molecular biology experiments.
  • Perform vital functions to improve overall lab efficiency.
  • Optimize and follow protocols and SOPs in a thorough, independent, and technical manner.
  • Keep a detailed record of experimental data and analysis.
  • Involved in issuing Phytosanitary Passports with the Central Agricultural Inspection and Testing Institute (UKZUZ).
  • Timely communicate and be able to adapt to experimental workflow while developing new skills.
  • Nurture the desire to work in an exciting start-up and in a rapidly evolving work environment.
  • Provide unique perspectives and collaborate to creatively solve problems as they arise


  • BSc in Biology, Biochemistry, Horticulture or related fields with experience working with plants in an academic or biotechnology industry wet lab setting.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in applied plant science and biology, especially working within aseptic conditions.
  • Experience with plant tissue culture is preferred.
  • Experience with molecular biology techniques such as DNA/RNA extraction, PCR etc. is preferred.
  • Experience with optimizing media for different plant growth phases is desirable.
  • Experience with optimizing plant grow rooms is desirable.

What do we have to offer?

  • We offer a varied full-time position in a growing, innovative environment where there is room for personal input and personal development.
  • You will join a collegial team with professional knowledge, and you will receive on-the-job coaching to continuously optimize your skills.
  • We offer a suitable package of employment conditions and fringe benefits.

Are you interested? 

Then send your application and CV to oolke@genetia.cz