Research fellow
Department of Polymer Processing

Working activities:

The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences (IMC) is the largest macromolecular / polymer research facility in Czech Republic. The Department of Polymer Processing pursues basic and applied research in the fields of preparation and processing of polymer materials based mainly on commodity and engineering thermoplastics or biodegradable and biobased polymers. Recycling and environmental issues of polymer materials are important research topics in the department, too.

The work can be focused either on preparation and processing of polymer materials or on their synthesis. In the first case the candidate will be responsible for research and development of novel heterogeneous polymer systems (polymer blends, composites) and their characterization using various techniques (rheological and thermal measurements, mechanical testing, etc.). In the second case the candidate will deal with microwave-initiated polymerizations for more efficient and environmentally friendly synthesis of polymer materials, modern methods of polymer preparation (3D printing, use of ionic liquids) and development of biodegradable materials based on renewable raw materials. In both cases emphasis is placed on precise description and understanding of processing-structure-properties relationships.

More information about the research group and current projects is available at the web page of the department.


  • MSc. or PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Material Science or similar disciplines, the field of Polymer Chemistry or Physics is an advantage
  • research experience in the field of polymer materials and processing is an advantage
  • basic experience with polymer analysis and material characterizations (SEC, NMR, FTIR, DSC, TGA, DMA, mechanical and rheological testing, etc.)
  • active and creative approach to scientific and technical challenges
  • interest in learning new skills
  • motivation and creativity
  • ability to work both individually and in scientific team
  • good English communication skills (spoken and written)
  • research stay abroad and publication activity are an advantage


  • interesting research work in the field of new materials in a friendly atmosphere
  • participation on international and national research projects and on cooperative research with industrial partners
  • personal development possibilities – seminars, courses, conferences
  • work in an international team
  • flexible working hours, allowances for meals, employee benefits, 5 weeks of holiday, kindergarten for children 2-4 years
  • possibility of a research stay abroad on collaborating institutions in in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Latvia

For further details please contact Zdeněk Starý (stary@imc.cas.cz, tel. +420 296 809 313) or Hynek Beneš (benesh@imc.cas.cz, tel. +420 296 809 313)
Application dossier (detailed CV + cover letter) please send to Vladimír Fencl (fencl@umch.cz)

Please send your application to 31. 7. 2021

Starting date: upon agreement