The Planning Group opens a call for applications for fully-funded postdoctoral positions.

About Us

We are a member of the newly established Research Center for Informatics with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Research of the Planning Group (http://aic.fel.cvut.cz/planning/) involves research of basic principles of classical planning and heuristics, but also on variants such as multi-agent planning and on the application of planning to real-world problems.

As a postdoc at our group, you will join a team of both leading researchers and young, highly motivated colleagues who are passionate about the topics of their research:

Classical Planning

Use of invariants in optimal planning (graph theory, complexity theory)
Integration of domain-specific solvers to improve the efficiency of classical planning on particular domains (puzzles, logistics, videogames)
The use of machine learning techniques in planning and extraction of structural information (machine learning, deep learning, neural networks)
Plan optimization

Multi-Agent Planning

Measuring and reducing privacy leakage (secure multiparty computation)
Developing a privacy-preserving planner (cryptography, security)
Optimal multi-agent planning based on finite-state machine intersection

Temporal Planning

Reasoning about time and resources
Problem reformulation

Non-deterministic Planning

Planning with non-deterministic events
Planning in the adversarial environment

· Ph.D. degree in computer science, or related fields

· Evidence of successful research accomplishments, such as papers focused on planning problems/algorithms at top AI conferences (AAAI, IJCAI, ICAPS, KR, AAMAS, NIPS, ECAI) or published in high-quality journals

If you fit this profile and you are interested in pursuing academic research path, you are encouraged to send your application to katarina.takusova@agents.fel.cvut.cz. The application should include:

1.    CV

2.    A short research statement (max. 200 words)

3.    The publication record with the indication of 3 most important papers and detailed explanation of their impact

Work & Life in Prague
The exact starting date is negotiable. Typical positions are for 2 years and can be prolonged. The institute is located in Prague’s downtown. The position will offer a competitive salary with respect to the costs and quality of life in Prague.