Školitel: prof. Ing. Vojtěch Svátek, Dr.

Anotace: Domain experts are recognized for having internalized a working knowledge of a domain. They are able to demonstrate their expertise by summarizing it for non-experts to understand. The summaries omit needless details and provide sufficient explanations in non-expert language. Knowledge elicitation provides methods to make the it efficient for domain experts to transfer their knowledge to non-experts. The methods are efficient when they maximize the yield of usable knowledge with minimum effort from both the domain expert and the elicitor, allowing their specialization. The design of domain ontologies can be informed by knowledge elicitation and capture the elicited domain expertise in a machine-readable way. The goal of this thesis is to apply practical knowledge elicitation to the design of biomedical domain ontologies.

The PhD candidate will proceed according to the regulations of the PhD program in Applied Informatics at VSE, available from the PhD programmes webpage.