The Global Change Research Institute CAS seeks a postdoctoral research fellow with the focus on plant water relations

The main task will be to analyse and interpret data from plant water balance in connection to ecophysiological processes and to publish the results.
The position is available from summer 2019. 

The data consist of sap flow, meteorological and eddy covariance measurement collected within the network of Czech Ecosystem Stations (http://www.czecos.cz/en/project-structure/segment-4-observatory-facilities.html), history of the measurement from one to more than ten years). A detailed analysis and evaluation of this data with forest stand structure and correspondent ecophysiological processes monitored on the sites (such as assimilation, wood formation and biomass allocation) is needed. An emphasis will be put on plant hydraulics, analysis of tree sap flow, xylem conductance, occurrence of embolism, plant water control and water stress response mechanisms. Ability to use hydrological models will be an advantage.

We require:

  • Ph.D. degree in biological, environmental or atmospheric sciences
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of atmospheric processes, ecology/ecophysiology, especially in field of plant water relations and plant hydraulics
  • Capability of independent scientific work including publishing papers in impact factor journals
  • Ability to perform advanced statistical analyses, good command in statistical programmes
  • Good written/spoken English communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, ability to lead people
  • Driving license (this position requires frequent visits of the Ecosystem Stations)

Continue reading at the source location: http://www.czechglobe.cz/en/tenders/

Source: http://www.czechglobe.cz/en/tenders/