The Institute Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Boční II, 14131 Prague 4, Czech Republic opens a position in the Department of Aeronomy for a POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN IONOSPHERIC PHYSICS. The postdoctoral position is available for 2 years with a possible extension as a junior scientist.

The main research area of the department is ionospheric physics, namely vertical coupling in the atmosphere-ionosphere system and atmospheric waves, space weather impact on the ionosphere, monitoring of the state of the ionosphere, and impact of global change on the ionosphere. More information about the department is available at: http://www.ufa.cas.cz/institute-structure/department-of-aeronomy/introduction-pah.html.

The postdoc research associate is expected to work actively in the area of application of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal measurements to ionospheric total electron content (TEC) and radio occultation (RO) electron density profile observations and their application in investigation of the ionosphere. He/she is also expected to take part in our national as well as international projects related to ionospheric physics.

Continue reading at the source location: http://www.avcr.cz/cs/o-nas/kariera/vedecke-pozice/?inzerat=5b39f0c0cdbbb

Source: http://www.avcr.cz/cs/o-nas/kariera/vedecke-pozice/?inzerat=5b39f0c0cdbbb