Postdoc available

The Laboratory of Anoxygenic Phototrophs at the Institute of Microbiology in Trebon, Czech Rep., is looking for a motivated candidate with a PhD degree in microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology or similar fields.

Project: Light energy from the sun drives almost all life on Earth. Photosynthesis, the process where light energy is captured and converted into the chemical energy used by organisms, represents one of the most fundamental biological processes. The available project is focused on the metabolism of a recently discovered phototrophic organism belonging to rare bacterial phylum Gemmatimonadetes (Zeng et al. PNAS 111:7795-7800, 2014). It appears that this organism utilizes light energy only partially to supplement its predominantly heterotrophic metabolism. The project focuses on how light energy modifies the metabolic fluxes in these organisms and to what extent it supports its growth.


We are an international, competitive group working on physiology, genomics and ecology of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria. The communication language is English. The team collaborates with laboratories in Europe, USA and Japan. The Institute of Microbiology is a part of the Czech Academy of Sciences and represents one of the top research institutes in the Czech Republic. This spring, our team volunteered with COVID-19 testing for the local hospital. Trebon is located in the center of lake-land nature reserve area.
See: http://www.alga.cz/en/c-371-laboratory-of-anoxygenic-phototrophs.html

Recruitment procedure

A motivation letter and CV should be sent to aap@alga.cz. The selected candidates will be contacted for additional information. The interviews will be held in October-November. The position is open until filled. The expected start is January 2021.

Doc. Michal Koblizek PhD
Inst. of Microbiology
379 81 Trebon, Czech Republic