DESCRIPTION: We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual to join the “Algal photophysiology” research group at the Algatech Centre of Třeboň, Czech Republic for a full-time temporary research position. The project aims at elucidating and comparing the strategies of uptake and storage of micronutrients – iron and copper and the adaptation of photosynthesis in different eukaryotic phytoplankton species to their limitation. We expect the candidate to grow algal cultures in the laboratory under defined conditions of micronutrient limitation and analyze i) their photosynthetic activity using available physiological methods including variable fluorescence and kinetic absorption, ii) changes in photosynthetic apparatus using protein biochemistry iii) intracellular storage and intercellular transport of micronutrients using single cells analysis by nanoSIMS. The research will be conducted in collaboration with the laboratories of Dr.R.Sutak (transcriptomics, proteomics and biochemistry) and prof.H.Kupper (advanced techniques for micronutrient limitation, like ICP-MS and X-ray fluorescence microscopy).

RESEARCH AREA: Algal photophysiology, biophysics, photosynthesis, protein biochemistry.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: The candidate is expected to have a PhD in one of the following
subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biophysics and/or related topics.

COMPETENCIES which are desirable or will constitute an advantage during the selection are:
1- Basic familiarity with biophysical methods to study photosynthesis;
2- Experience in protein biochemistry;
3- Practical knowledge of algal culturing.

CONTRACT possible till the end of 2020 (subject to satisfactory progress after initial period) with a
monthly remuneration of 35000 CZK (about 1350 €).


ORGANISATION/COMPANY: Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,
Department: Center Algatech, Laboratory: Laboratory of Photosynthesis

WEBSITE: www.alga.cz

COUNTRY: Czech Republic

CITY: Třeboň

SELECTION PROCESS: Interested applicants should send their CV plus motivation letter and tworeference letters (or contact to referees), PhD certificate to: prasil@alga.cz by May 15, 2018. The interviews with the selected candidates will be held in second half of May. The expected start is at the earliest convenience.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The Laboratory of Photosynthesis at the Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Třeboň is an international, competitive group working on molecular ecophysiology of algae and cyanobacteria. It is part of the Center Algatech which currently employs more than 80 researchers and students in all areas of algal research. The communication language is English. The team collaborates with laboratories in Europe, USA and Japan. We provide a friendly working environment, as well as assistance with the administrative aspects of moving to the Czech Republic and accommodation for the first three month. Třeboň is located in the south of the Czech Republic, close to Austrian and German border, in the centre of a UNESCO nature protected lakeland
area. Třeboň and the neighbouring town České Budejovice are renowned for their local breweries.