Postdoc Position : Molecular Parasitology


Recently established research team studying signal pathways during the invasion of the Babesia parasite to the host cell offers a postdoc position.


Research description: Functional Analysis of Babesia Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinases

Babesia is a tick-transmitted parasite infecting a variety of animals including humans. Central to  Babesia pathogenesis is parasitism inside host erythrocytes – an ability shared with its apicomplexan relative Plasmodium, the causative agent of malaria. Invasion to host cells and subsequent intracellular multiplication of these parasites are orchestrated by a wide repertoire of molecules including the calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPKs). Our research is targeted to the unbiased screen of yet unrevealed Babesia divergens CDPKs and their association with fundamental biological processes using a newly established platform of transgenic techniques. Comprehensive biochemical and functional characterization of intraerythrocytic BdCDPK isoenzymes will be accompanied by their targeted inhibition using a library of Bumped Kinase Inhibitors (BKIs) to evaluate BdCDPKs as potential drug targets.




Ø  interest in an academic career

Ø  PhD degree in biology or chemistry

Ø  analytical skills, independence and motivation

Ø  excellent communication skills and sense of responsibility

Ø  previsous laboratory experience and knowledge of basic methods of parasitology and molecular biology

Ø  active knowledge of English

Ø  knowledge of the principles of genome editing and microscopic techniques is an advantage



What do we offer :


Ø  attractive research combining parasitology and molecular biology

Ø  full time position for 18 months

Ø  possibility of further education according to the individual motivation

Ø  regular participation in foreign conferences

Ø  possibility of internships abroad in cooperating laboratories

Ø  5 weeks of holidays, discounted mobile and banking services, MS Office for personal use, language courses


Start date: August/September 2023 or upon agreement

Please submit your structured CV and cover letter via e-mail to jobs@prf.jcu.cz by June 30th 2023. For more information, please visit: www.prf.jcu.cz .