Are you a PhD holder looking for research opportunities at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Game Theory? Join the leading scientists in the AI Center (Czech Technical University in Prague) as a postdoctoral researcher. It’s a fully funded position including an initial contract for 1 year with possible extension and further opportunities to pursue your academic path. Financial self-sufficiency is very appreciated, therefore we’ll encourage you to lead your own projects and give you the needed admin support for grant applications. Join us to develop revolutionary algorithms that will win over humans and define the future of Game Theory.

Game Theory research in the AI Center

The following are the current research topics of our Game Theory group. Dig deeper with us or choose your own path with topics you prefer.

  • Game-theoretic methods in adversarial machine learning
  • Dynamic games with partial information
  • Equilibrium computation algorithms for dynamic games
  • Strategic games with infinite action spaces
  • A solution of large or continuous games
  • Cooperative game theory
  • Applications of coalitional games in computer science

Your A* team

As a PostDoc in Game Theory research group, you will join an international team of both leading researchers and young, highly motivated students. They deliver thrilling results in terms of extensive funding, papers accepted to A* conferences, and innovative research projects.

Three senior scientists lead the group together, giving you the opportunity to explore a variety of research topics and receive guidance when facing challenges. Branislav Bošanský, Viliam Lisý, and Tomáš Kroupa all have an impressive publication record including a Science paper which Viliam co-authored while working at the University of Alberta. The published algorithm eventually led to the development of DeepStack, a legendary AI system that was the first ever to defeat a human player in the game of Poker.

Salary and benefits

Successful candidates will get 55 000 CZK monthly brutto income (the equivalent of 2 020 EUR). Note that the Czech Republic’s cost of living is at 59% of the US price level by OECD statistics. To give you a better idea, the average price of beer in Prague is 1,3 EUR.

As a PostDoc in AI Center, you are entitled to 6 weeks of paid vacation which you will find useful when exploring the beautiful parts of our country including a number of UNESCO landmarks.

Get excited for traveling to attractive conferences abroad, regular internal seminars, an unlimited supply of coffee (very appreciated) and meal vouchers.

Our labs are located on the university campus in the historical city center, so perfect transport accessibility is another obvious advantage.

What we appreciate the most about our research center is an inspirational and supportive environment. We love to cooperate across teams and benefit from our diverse research network.


  • PhD in AI with topics related to game theory, machine learning, or reinforcement learning.
  • At least one conference publication at Core A* AI conference (AAAI, IJCAI, AAMAS, ICML, NIPS, …) or papers published in high-quality journals.
  • Experience in programming (C++, Julia).
  • Background in AI (sequential decision making, multiagent systems, game theory) and optimization (mathematical programming).

If you are not certain about any requirements or if you think you don’t meet all but have more to offer, do not hesitate and contact us.

How to apply

Send your structured CV and· motivation letter to our HR Manager katarina.takusova@fel.cvut.cz.
We will contact you in approx. two weeks whether you qualify for the position and if we think you would be a good fit for our team.
Get ready for an interview with our game theory researchers.
If all goes well, we will invite you for a visit to give a talk at our internal seminar. You will meet our team, spend a day with us in meetings and lunch and we will show you around.
Shortly after, you will get a final answer and decide on a suitable starting date.