Development of methods and materials for direct dimethyl ether fuel cells. The main focus of the research activity will be centered around investigation and performance evaluation of membrane electrode assembly in a single direct dimethyl ether fuel cells. In addition durability of the membrane electrode assembly under predefined testing protocols will be studied by spectroscopy and microscopy to propose a degradation mechanism and steps to improve the power output during real time operation of direct dimethyl ether single fuel cells.


The position fulfills the activities and involvement in the above-described projects and research areas within the Department of Chemical Processes and Biomaterials. It includes performing experiments, analyzing the results, writing of scientific reports, publish papers and participate in  proposals drafting


  • A properly completed Doctoral Study Programme at university or higher education institution in the Czech Republic or a properly completed similar Study Programme abroad recognized in accordance with Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on the Amendment and Supplementation of Other Acts (Higher Education Act), as amended, with the study completion date after 1st January 2014.
  • The candidate for the position must be a researcher from abroad, i.e. a researcher who has worked outside the Czech Republic for at least two years during the prior three years in the field of research, including at least half work load, or has been a Ph.D. (or similar forms) student abroad; citizens of the Czech Republic are not excluded.
  • The candidate must provide at least 2 publication outputs over the last 3 years.
  • Good knowledge of English (at least at the CAE level or its equivalent).
  • Eperience with research on the research topic of the specialist team.


Hours per week: 40

Gross monthly income: 68 000 CZK

Place of work: Pilsen/CZ

Expected commencement of employment: 1. 2. 2021


APPLICATIONS ARE TO BE SENT TO (NAME): Lucie Šmuclerová lsmucler@rek.zcu.cz

PHONE: +420735713968


  • Structured curriculum vitae, relevant supporting documents proving the Applicant’s activity outside the territory of the Czech Republic to the extent corresponding to the qualification requirements.
  • A copy of the documents proving achieved education (Ph.D. diploma or its equivalent).
  • Copies  of  documents  proving  the  achieved  level  of  the  English  language  (CAE  level  or  its equivalent).
  • Full bibliographic data of articles published in impacted journals (please provide, in particular, articles relating  to the  orientation of the  working  position, including  the  impact factor  of the journal at the time of their publication).
  • Complete  bibliographic  data  of  works  published  in  proceedings  of  significant  (referred  to  in WoS  or  SCOPUS)  international  conferences  relating  to  the  focus  of  the  activity  at  the  listed position.
  • Overview of research teams (especially international) with whom the Applicant has worked so far, including the projects in which the Applicant was involved.
  • Overview of collaboration with the application sphere and achieved application outputs.