The Faculty of Economics and Administration at the Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic) is inviting PhD applicants who would like to complete a PhD in the field of business management with a specialization in the circular economy. Students and recent graduates with a background in management, business administration, business informatics, and related disciplines are invited to apply.

Successful applicants will work within the Research Institute for Sustainable Business. You will be supervised by one of senior scholars from the research group.

PhD students initially receive a minimal fellowship of 15,500 CZK (approx. 600 EUR) per month for 24 months. After successful defense of their research proposal and submitting first research outcomes, minimal funding of 18,000 CZK (approx. 700 EUR) per month is extended for additional 24 months. In addition, there is a possibility to apply for travel allowances, to participate in a students‘ grant competition with a high success rate and to participate in research projects with external funding. We typically arrange for PhD students to spend at least one semester at another university in Europe. There is no tuition fee.

The ideal candidate:

  • must have completed MA degree in Management, Business administration, Business informatics or related fields before the beginning of the course;
  • must be well versed in statistics and quantitative research methods and techniques;
  • must demonstrate attention to detail, and combine integrity, creativity, efficiency and a willingness to cooperate with colleagues;
  • must be passionate about empirical research with applications in business management, business informatics and related fields;
  • must possess good communication and presentation skills; he/she must be fluent in English (both written and spoken);

Previous (research) experience, although not required, is considered an advantage.

In terms of current capacity and planned research projects, we are currently seeking PhD candidates for the following supervisors and topics:

Assoc. prof. Alena Klapalová

Associate professor in Business Management, principal investigator of the Horizon Europe project „Digitalised Value Management for Unlocking the potential of the Circular Manufacturing Systems with Integrated Digital Solutions“, an expert in the fields of circular business models and reverse logistics.


  • Ownership issues in access-based consumption
  • Influencers and access-based consumer behavior

Assoc. prof. Radoslav Škapa

Associate professor in Business Management, co-investigator of the Horizon Europe project „Digitalised Value Management for Unlocking the potential of the Circular Manufacturing Systems with Integrated Digital Solutions“, an expert in the fields of circular economy, digital tools in business, and reverse logistics


  • Product tracking and other digital tools as enablers for circular economy


If you wish to apply, please check profiles of potential supervisors at and submit

·       Letter of application, including description of areas of expertise, research interests, and experience

·       Complete CV

to the prospective supervisor according to your research interest and his/her area of expertise: Assoc. prof. Alena Klapalová (klapalov@econ.muni.cz), Assoc. prof. Radoslav Škapa (skapa@econ.muni.cz)

Once your future supervisor agrees, you may officially apply via our online application. A fee for one application at the Faculty of Economics and Administration is 600 CZK. The online application requires you to submit the following documents (in English):

  • Dissertation project (based on the topic you agreed on with your future supervisor)
  • Structured professional CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of achieved education

Application deadlines:

30th November 2022, 23:59 (course start date in February 2023)

·       Dissertation project may be submitted by the 20th December 2022.

30th April 2023, 23:59 (course start date in September 2023)


In case of any questions regarding the PhD programs in general or the application process, please contact Lucie Přikrylová (phd@econ.muni.cz).

You can also find information on our website. We recommend to read the Terms and Conditions of Admission to the Faculty of Economics and Administration as well.

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