Supervisor: Radek Marek

Annotation: The project is focused on detailed structural characterization of short purine oligonucleotides clipped by proper sequential motifs that induce parallel orientation of DNA strands. For this purpose, NMR experiments combined with MD simulations will be employed. The effect of modifications of selected nucleotides on the structural properties of designed models will be investigated to gain deeper understanding of key noncovalent interactions that contribute to the folding of such systems.

Recommended literature:

  • William Copp, Alexey Y. Denisov, Jingwei Xie, Anne M. Noronha, Christopher Liczner, Nozhat Safaee, Christopher J. Wilds, Kalle Gehring; Influence of nucleotide modifications at the C2’ position on the Hoogsteen base-paired parallel-stranded duplex of poly(A) RNA. Nucleic Acids Research, 2017, 45(17),10321–1033.

Requirements on candidates:

Structural chemistry or biology, advanced NMR spectroscopy, computational chemistry

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