• Daily Ph.D. study in the discipline of Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems;
  • Work on own Ph.D. thesis topic (the List of available Ph.D. thesis topics and contacts to supervisors can be found below);
  • Publication of manuscripts in Q1-Q3 journals;
  • Presentation of results at international conferences, faculty seminars, realization of research internships abroad;
  • Tuition in the field of study, consulting or supervising of bachelor or master students;
  • Supervising of International summer school projects;
  • Other activities within the research unit.

Requirements on applicants:

  • Successfully completed master study in the field of environmental chemistry, toxicology, ecology, biology, protection of environment or related fields;
  • Admission into the Ph.D. study program Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems at the FFPW USB, full-time form of study;
  • General knowledge of biology, aquatic ecology and chemistry;
  • English language knowledge minimally on the B1 level;
  • User knowledge of PC work – MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook);
  • Communicativeness, responsibility, thoroughness, organizational ability, willingness to learn new things, stress resistance.

We offer

  • Nice working environment in new faculty infrastructures;
  • Study and work in an international collective;
  • Possibility for personal and professional development;
  • Other benefits (5 weeks holiday, 4 days of indisposition vacation, MS Office for private usage).

Position start: August – October 2021
Working hours: reflecting full-time job (40 hours a week)
Duration of position: 4 years (based on the duration of Ph.D. study)
Net month income: 15 000 – 20 000 CZK (based the study results)
Place of work: based on the selected supervisor (RIFCH, Zátiší 728/II, Vodňany; IAPW, Husova tř. 458/102, České Budějovice; ICS, Zámek 136, Nové Hrady)

Get in contact with supervisor written by the selected theme. In case of a mutual deal, complete the application for study. Applicants for position should submit application to the Ph.D. study at the FFPW USB to the address: Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters USB, Office for Ph.D. study and foreign relationships, Zátiší 728/II, 389 25 Vodňany, Czech Republic or into the e-mail lkacerova@frov.jcu.cz within May 10, 2021.

More information at:

Topics for dissertation thesis for DSP Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems for ac. year 2021/2022 – 1st round

prof. Ing. Tomáš Randák, Ph.D.trandak@frov.jcu.cz, +420 38 777 4603

  • Ecological consequences of the presence of psychoactive substances in the aquatic environment

Ing. Alžběta Stará, Ph.D.staraa01@frov.jcu.cz, +420 38 777 4622

  • Effects of neonicotinoids on non-target aquatic organisms

doc. Ing. Hana Kocour Kroupová, Ph.D.kroupova@frov.jcu.cz, + 420 38 777 4621

  • Less frequently studied hormonal activities in aquatic environments

doc. Mgr. Roman Grabic, Ph.D.rgrabic@frov.jcu.cz, + 420 38 777 4756

  • Development of LC/HRMS methods for identification of compounds with adverse effect selected by Effect Directed Analysis

prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Vrba, CSc.vrbaja00@prf.jcu.cz, + 420 38 777 2346

  • Factors affecting water quality in fish ponds

Mgr. Jiří Jablonský, Ph.D.jjablonsky00@frov.jcu.cz, +420 38 777 3828

  • Multi-omics integration deciphering the metabolic regulation of cyanobacteria

Dr. ric. Philip J. Haubrockphillip.haubrock@senckenberg.de, 06051 619543125

  • Long term trends and impacts in past, current and future biological invasions

doc. Ing. Miloš Buřič, Ph.D.buric@frov.jcu.cz, +420 38 777 4745

  • The role of invasive crayfish in freshwater ecosystems – from habitat use and food to direct species interactions

M.Sc. Ganna Fedorova, Ph.D.gfedorova@frov.jcu.cz, +420 38 777 4752

  • PPCPs in reclaimed water: possibilities, benefits and risks of wastewater reuse

Ing. Bc. Kateřina Grabicová, Ph.D.grabicova@frov.jcu.cz, +420 38 777 4752

  • Polar micropollutants and aquatic organisms – a study of fate and effects with application of targeted and non-targeted LC/HRMS analysis

RNDr. Andrea Vojs Staňová, Ph.D.vojsstanova@frov.jcu.cz, + 420 38 777 4752

  • Advanced MS methods for identification, quantification and assessment of emerging pollutants in water