The Laboratory of Molecular Pathogenetics at Institute of Biotechnology Czech Academy of Sciences is seeking a highly motivated PhD student for this project: Transcription regulatory networks in neurosensory development

Our goal is to understand the molecular interactions necessary for the early neurosensory development of the inner ear to use this knowledge as a basis for new therapeutic strategies.

The methods used will include knockouts using Cre/loxP and Crispr/Cas9 technologies, global gene expression analyses (RNAseq), immunohistochemistry, and confocal microscopy.

This project will contribute to the molecular analyses of the requirements for transcription factors regulating morphogenesis and cell specification during embryonic development and their requirements for the function and regeneration of neurons and sensory cells.

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  • MSc, MRes, Diploma or an equivalent degree in Biology, Biomedicine, Chemistry or related sciences, to be obtained latest by the start of the fall term in September 2019
  • Ability to co-operate with other team members
  • High motivation and determination

We offer

  • Work in a modern equipped laboratory within the newly built BIOCEV Research Centre
  • The position will include 0.5-0.8 FTE as Research Assistant position as another benefit to full scholarship
  • Involvement in research on transgenic mouse models
  • Young and friendly international team


BIOCEV, Vestec near Prague

Job commencement: The position is available immediately
Deadline: 01.01.2020

RNDr. Gabriela Pavlínková, Ph.D.
Source: https://www.biocev.eu/en/career/scientific-and-study-positions/phd-student-laboratory-of-molecular-pathogenetics.80