Modular synthesis of dendritic compounds for regenerative medicine

We offer PhD positions (4-5 years) in the Research Group of Bioorganic Chemistry and Biomaterials, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS in Prague, Czech Republic (https://www.icpf.cas.cz/en/). The project is focused on application of modular synthesis principles to the preparation of new macromolecular dendritic compounds with precisely defined structure. Products will be designed for the use in regenerative medicine as protein/peptide transporters for delivery of growth factors (BMP-2, FGF2) and osteogenic peptides or as components of advanced biomaterials (hydrogel, nanofibers, etc.). Regarding the applications, we will profit from our long-standing cooperation with external partners. As the research topics are highly multidisciplinary, the student will gain experience in several scientific areas, including modern organic/polymer synthesis, (bio)materials science, analytical and biophysical techniques. Position is supported by OP JAK project ExRegMed and starting from October 2024 or earlier, based on mutual agreement.

Requirements for applicants:

  • master degree in organic chemistry, organic technology, polymer chemistry, materials science, or similar
  • xxperience in organic/polymer synthesis and characterization (Schlenk techniques, NMR, GPC, HPLC, light scattering, etc.)
  • team work ability, communication skills, enthusiasm for experimental work and learning new things

We offer:

  • participation in cutting-edge synthetic macromolecular chemistry research
  • opportunity to gain expertise in novel techniques and advanced characterization methods
  • international and national collaboration with high-profile laboratories within the ExRegMed project
  • adequate financial support (including – full time job, support from the ExRegMed project)

In case of interest or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tomáš Strašák (strasak@icpf.cas.cz)