At the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS / IOCB Prague, we are looking for talented, independent, and highly motivated PhD students with an MSc. degree or equivalent in life sciences or related fields. We are offering more than 20 new exciting projects in organic and medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, analytical, and physical chemistry.

  • Online registration deadline: 20 February 2023
  • Interview Day: 23 March 2023

Learn more and apply at https://www.uochb.cz/en/call-for-phd-applications

Specific targeting of pharmaceutically important proteins is a fast-growing field of medicinal chemistry and drug delivery. We aim to develop tools for molecular recognition of relevant target enzymes and receptors (GCPII, FAP, PD-L1, …) involved in cancer control and development via interaction with low-molecular ligands. These ligands will be designed and synthesized as well as biochemically and biologically tested within the project. Once suitable targeting ligands are established and characterized, they will be conjugated to a biocompatible scaffold to create novel tools for molecular recognition of important protein targets.

This strategy will lead to a sensitive target visualization in vitro and/or specific drug delivery. The goal of the project is to find new routes to diagnosis and/or experimental therapy of cancer.

The successful candidate will work in young, highly competitive, dynamic, multidisciplinary team of medicinal chemists, biochemists and biologists that is a part of National Institute for Cancer Research (NÚVR).

University: Faculty of Chemical Technology, UCT Prague / Faculty of Science, Charles University
Field of study: Organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Drugs and biomaterials
Tutor: Prof. RNDr. Jan Konvalinka, CSc. (consultant: RNDr. Pavel Majer, CSc.)
Group: Jan Konvalinka Group – Proteases of Human Pathogens