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RNDr. Radoslav Janoštiak PhD.

Project Description:

Ability to dynamically control the cell proliferation is crucial for homeostasis maintenance in multicellular organisms. There are three main cellular states, proliferative, quiescent and senescent, and each cell has to integrate different environmental cues in order to keep the homeostasis. Disruption of this balance leads to pathological conditions such as cancer. However, even cancer cells have to be able to regulate the transition between proliferation and quiescence in order stimulate the metastatic spread or to survive environmental stress (such as low nutrients or therapy).

The research project aims to investigate the hypothesis that cell quiescence is actively maintained state, not a passive one that is caused by the lack of pro-proliferative signaling. Tumors maintain balance between proliferative and dormant cells and the ratio is altered in response to therapy or foreign site colonization. Moreover, recent evidence implies that individual quiescent cells have different reawakening potential implying the existence of subpopulations of quiescent cells, which may depend on the signals coming from their microenvironment.


  • Masters‘ diploma in related areas such as cell biology, molecular genetics, virology, immunology or biomedicine.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Experience in techniques for molecular and cell biology, proteomics, cell culture, basic bioinformatics.
  • Enthusiasm for science and knowldedge, curiosity, willingness to learn new techniques, personal and scientific integrity.
  • Optional: cancer biology background

What We Offer:

  • Opportunity to work at excellent research institute with current state-of-art technologies.
  • Interesting topic with clear cut potential for clinical application.
  • Strong emphasis on mentoring, personal growth and career development.
  • Inclusive and transparent work environment.

Contact: https://www.biocev.eu/en/people/radoslav-janostiak.2642