At the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS / IOCB Prague, we are looking for talented, independent, and highly motivated PhD students with an MSc. degree or equivalent in life sciences or related fields. We are offering more than 20 new exciting projects in organic and medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, analytical, and physical chemistry.

  • Online registration deadline: 20 February 2023
  • Interview Day: 23 March 2023

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Deoxyribozymes are DNA molecules that catalyze reactions. They are attractive tools in biotechnology due to their chemical stability, low cost of synthesis, and functional diversity. Motivated by these advantages, our group recently developed a method to isolate deoxyribozymes that generate light, and used it to isolate a glowing DNA motif called Supernova (Svehlova et al., 2022, Jakubec et al., 2022). We also showed that Supernova can be converted into a sensor that only produces light in the presence of a ligand of interest. Such sensors are appealing because reactions can be performed in solution without the need for wash steps or purifications. We are looking for students to help us to optimize Supernova, to isolate catalytic motifs that generate other types of signals, and to develop new assays that use these deoxyribozymes.

University: Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology, UCT Prague / Faculty of Science, Charles University
Field of study: Molecular biology, Biochemistry
Tutor: Edward Curtis, Ph.D.
Group: Edward Curtis Group – Functional Potential of Nucleic Acids