Would you like to become an expert in system testing, advising the industry, and developing new methods that the others use to test their systems? Or, just, to be able to get well-paid expert jobs in this business? You can get there by spending some years at university in an encouraging and motivating environment, directly participating in exciting projects in critical systems testing in automotive, aerospace, integrated rescue systems, or defense? If you are motivated to become an expert in the field, ask for a Ph.D. project in our lab!

Your previous background in software engineering, IoT, system testing, verifications, or some areas of model-based testing is welcomed and will help you to get on board more quickly.

We are a friendly group of researchers and engineers, cooperating with many colleagues at other universities and industrial R&D worldwide. If you are outside the Czechia, Prague is a beautiful place to spend some time!

Send your CV to katarina.takusova@fel.cvut.cz and join us in our lab!