The job will cover intracranial EEG signal processing, big data analysis and data management with a focus on human brain electrophysiology and neurological diseases research (localization of epileptogenic tissue, high-frequency oscillations, seizure dynamics, cortical and deep brain stimulations). Our database disposes of EEG recordings from macro and micro intracranial electrodes, valuable metadata and annotations. We offer a position in a team consisted of neuroscience Ph.D. students, post-docs, senior researchers, and clinicians at the Institute of Scientific Instruments and International Clinical Research Center located in Brno, Czech Republic, and close collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Mayo Systems Electrophysiology Laboratory in Rochester, MN, USA. Location: Brno, Czech Republic Preferred skills: Programming in Python, C or Matlab, experience with signal processing statistics machine learning, hadoop cluster, MySQL, CUDA programming

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Source: http://www.avcr.cz/cs/o-nas/kariera/vedecke-pozice/?inzerat=5b5869b5d5f31