Director of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation of the Technical University of Liberec announces the public competition for the following position:

MICROBIOLOGIST at the Department of applied biology

Job description:

  • scientific research activity – field of geomicrobiology, with focus on the deep geological repositories for  nuclear waste and underground hydrogen storage facilities
  • performing of experiments and their evaluation, data analysis and preparation of project reports and presentations

Required competence and expertise:

  • experience with data analysis and interpretation and presentation of scientific results in oral and written form in Czech and English
  • high level of creativity in research projects
  • ability to deal with technical support of experiments an advantage
  • ability and willingness to work underground an advantage (sampling, measurement of geochemical parameters)
  • ability to work systematically
  • reliability and meeting the deadlines
  • responsibility and teamwork
  • flexibility
  • independence, communication skills
  • driving licence group B

 Required education:

  • completed master’s degree in a natural science, biology or geology, or geochemistry, geomicrobiology, etc.)
  • a prerequisite is a full-time study of the doctoral programme in Environmental Engineering at TUL (it is possible to apply for the study at the same time as starting a job)
  • knowledge of the Czech language, both written and verbal, at least at B2 level
  • knowledge of the English language, at least at B2 level

Employment relationship:

  • working load 50 %, or by agreement
  • employment contract will be concluded for a fixed term of at least 1 year with the possibility of extension in connection with the implementation of projects and internal regulations of TUL

Date of commencement of employment:

  • July 1, 2023, or by agreement


  • wage rate C2 (R1), based on TUL internal wage regulation
  • expected gross salary at 100% working load: CZK 40,000, the possibility of obtaining extraordinary bonuses in connection with the evaluation of the employee’s performance

Working conditions and wage classification are governed by the Conditions of Employment, Internal Wage Regulation of the Technical University of Liberec, the Labour Code and the Regulations on Competitive Selection Procedures for Filling Academic Positions of the Technical University of Liberec.

We offer:

  • interesting, varied and responsible work
  • 6-week leave
  • flexible working hours
  • university canteen
  • child care, babysitting
  • day care centre for toddlers
  • possibility of accommodation in university lodging facilities
  • language courses at the Internal Language School, training
  • free sports activities (e.g. tennis, sauna, gym) in the university facilities
  • free swimming in the Liberec pool
  • special telephone tariffs
  • more detailed information here: https://www.tul.cz/en/university/employees/, https://cxi.tul.cz/en/people-career/career

The following documents must be attached to the application for the competition:
a) structured CV
b) overview of previous professional and publication activity
c) copy of the diploma proving the completion education
d) certificate confirming the knowledge of English – level B2 or higher or equivalent (in case of non-delivery, knowledge will be verified in an oral interview)

The application with the documents above mentioned is to be sent not later than June 12, 2023 by e-mail or regular mail to the address below:

Technical University of Liberec, Personnel and Payroll Department
Studentská 1402/2, 461 17  Liberec 1
Contact person: Ing. Alena Šírková, Personnel and Payroll Department
e-mail: volnamista@tul.cz

In the first round of the selection procedure, the appointed committee will evaluate the presented documents, in the event of a second round, an in-person or online interview with selected candidates. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection procedure within 30 calendar days of the end of the selection procedure

The result of the selection procedure is published on the official notice board of the Technical University of Liberec (https://www.tul.cz/en/university/official-desk/careers-at-tul/). Applicants may, within 5 days of publication, appeal to the Director of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and innovation and request a review of the results via e-mail hr.cxi@tul.cz.

The above mentioned position was announced on April 28, 2023 on the official board of the Technical University of Liberec (https://www.tul.cz/en/university/official-desk/careers-at-tul/), on the websites of Institute CXI (https://cxi.tul.cz/en/people-career/career) on the employment portal  of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (https://www.uradprace.cz/volna-mista-v-cr) and on the EURAXESS portal  (http://www.euraxess.cz/) and ResearchJobs portal (https://www.researchjobs.cz).