University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) opens a position in the field of Macromolecular Chemistry: Polymerization catalysis, with a specific focus on RAFT/ATRP for stimuli-responsive polymers connected to polyolefins prepared by chain-walking catalysis. The position is supported by EU funds in the framework of the UCT Prague project ChemJets2.

The research project is focused on combination of chain-walking catalytic polymerization with techniques of controlled radical polymerizations in order to prepare amphiphilic block and grafted copolymers. Blocks and grafts will be based on stimuli-responsive polymers in order to prepare smart core-shell nanoparticles dispersible in water, which under stimuli can release encapsulated compounds. Such particles could be applied as nanoreactors or nanocarriers in biomedical field.

The research will be conducted at the Department of Polymers under the supervision of assoc. prof. Jan Merna (merna@vscht.cz). More information about the research group can be found at merna.eu.

Planned activities

  • synthesis of randomly end end-functionalized polyolefins using chain-walking catalysts
  • RAFT/ATRP grafting of the polyolefin backbone in order to prepare precise block and grafted copolymers
  • detailed characterization of obtained products
  • preparation of publications

Who can apply?

We are looking for postdoc researchers who:

  • hold PhD degree in organic/organometallic/macromolecular chemistry
  • obtained PhD degree in May 2015 or later (max. 7 years prior to employment for this position; prolongation of the eligibility period by maternity leave/long term sickness/military service)
  • were employed outside the Czech Republic for at least 2 years in the last 3 years
  • published at least 2 publications in the last 3 years
  • may start in May 2022 or earlier

What do we offer?

  • 14-month research fellowship at UCT Prague, supported by EU funds
  • full-time contract
  • monthly salary of 2800 EUR + consumables
  • support of excellent mentor & integration in the research team
  • employee benefits (6 weeks of vacation, catering allowance, language courses, institutional childcare)
  • possibility to apply for own research projects and establish an independent research group
  • international creative environment
  • enjoyable city life in a tolerant and safe country with rich cultural and natural heritage
  • excellent transport connection with the whole world

Selection criteria

  • research excellence (publications, citations, projects, etc.)
  • clear vision and research objectives
  • know-how, international experience, skills
  • motivation, creativity, activity, flexibility, independence, responsibility
  • excellent knowledge of written and spoken English (level B2 or higher)
  • organisational, communication and presentation skills
  • ability and willingness to publish results in reviewed highly impacted journals
  • ability and willingness to prepare and submit a research project during the mobility

Specific requirements

  • PhD in organic/organometallic/macromolecular chemistry
  • experience in RAFT/ATRP for preparation of stimuli responsive polymers, self-assembly
  • experience with Schlenk techniques
  • experience with basic structural characterization methods (NMR, MS, IR, X-ray)

How to apply?

  • download and fill in the application form
  • submit your application via e-mail to research.positions@vscht.cz with “ChemJets2 application” in subject by 20 January 2022
  • online interviews will be held with shortlisted candidates during the week of 31 January 2022

By providing your personal data in your CV, you give consent to the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague to process and file your CV for the purposes of this selection procedure. At the same time you confirm that your personal data in the submitted CV is true and accurate.

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