Unique opportunity for a next step in your career in Machine Learning / Data Science!

We in the BI and ML team of ITSP Services are looking for a new colleague on the position of Junior ML Specialist/Data Scientist in the beautifful city of Salzburg, Austria.

Our business is digital entertainment, with customers all around the world. We are also a very multi-national collective – we have around 250 employees of almost 50 nationalities just in our Salzburg offices. Saying that, the official language in the company is, of course, English.

If you join us, you can expect

  • a casual and friendly working environment,
  • plenty of time and personal freedom to learn new things and improve your ML skills,
  • to be encouraged to look for new opportunities to apply ML anywhere in the company and initiate new projects of your choice,
  • leadership excited about ML and willing to invest a lot of resources both to people (paying for conferences, courses, literature, …) and hardware,
  • stability – we choose our employees carefully and then keep them.

Salzburg is a beautiful historical city at the foot of the Austrian Alps, surrounded by sub-alpine lakes. Big enough to have everything you need or want in your life, small enough to be quiet and pleasant to live in. One of the most bike friendly cities in the world.

If you need to relocate from anywhere in the world, no problem – we have a lot of experience with assisting you in the entire process.

What are we looking for?

  • Master’s degree in AI, computer science, mathematics or similar or at least 1-2 year experience in AI, data science, ML or similar.
  • Exceptional analytical skills. Ability to independently draw insights from complex data using statistical/mathematical analysis and visualisations.
  • Solid practical understanding of ML algorithms/models and their limitations, and ability to apply them correctly on real world problems.
  • Excellent knowledge of Python and of related data science and ML libraries and tools (Conda, pandas, NumPy, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, …).
  • Working knowledge of SQL. Good general programming skills and habits (code quality, best practices, development workflows).
  • Experience with ML for natural language processing (NLP) and/or speech recognition would be an advantage.
  • Fluency in English (German not required).

What will you do?

  • Working on various ML and data science projects based on specifications and requirements of different departments.
  • Collaborating on development of an in-house NLP&speech recognition based tool for analysis of chat, email and phone-call data from our customer support department.
  • Helping to create and maintain ML solutions, analysing big structured and unstructured data using ML and non-ML techniques, creating reports and drawing insights.
  • Promoting AI/ML in other departments, giving training to users.
  • Contributing to maintenance and further development of company’s ML/data science software and hardware environment and tools.

If you are interested or have any questions, just write us a non-committal private message on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/petr.glivicky) or email (petr.glivicky@sbgservices.eu), or/and send us your updated CV (in English) right away. Almost anything is negotiable, salary included :), so don’t hesitate to ask.