University of Hradec Králové is looking for Foreign Postdoctoral for International Mobilities

Positions within international mobilities are offered to enhance international cooperation, develop human resources in research, and support professional growth of the University of Hradec Králové researchers.


  1. The applicant must be a postdoctoral researcher according to the following definition: “A postdoctoral researcher is a researcher within 7 years after obtaining the Ph.D. degree title or its foreign equivalent”. If the given person does not have the Ph.D. degree title, his/her title must correspond to ISCED Level 8 (International Standard Classificationof Education). If the academic degree cannot be identified clearly as ISCED Level 8, the receiving institution must prove recognition of the researcher’s education during the mobility (by its termination).
  2. The applicant must be a researcher from abroad who, during the last 3 years (as to the date of the start of the mobility), worked for at least 2 years in research institution(s) out of the Czech territory with at least half-time employment at all times,or was a Ph.D. (or similar) student abroad. Czech citizens are not excluded.
  3. H-index – minimum 4. Web of Science or Scopus are used as sources for H-index calculation. A researcher in social sciences and humanities does not present his/her H-index.
  4. The applicant must prove publications – at least 2 publications within the last 3 years. Relevant publications are publications registered in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database of the JCR index (type „article“, „letter“ and „review“) or in the fieldsof the SHV in the SJR SCOPUS index (type „article“, „book“, „book chapter“, „letter“and „review“).
  5. The researcher is obliged to actively participate in a one conference/seminar/workshop organized by the UHK, every 6 months of the mobility.
  6. All research outputs created during the mobility must be published in the form of the Open Access.


  1. Mentor from the UHK
  2. Mobility between 6 and 24 months (the mobility must end no later than 30.04.2023), UHK prefers 6 months mobility
  3. Full-time
  4. Place of employment in the Czech Republic
  5. The estimated gross monthly wage with obligatory employer and employee taxes at full-time is 3, 200 EUR, the estimated gross monthly wage with obligatory employee taxesat full time is 2, 350 EUR and the estimated net monthly wage at full time is 1, 800 EUR
  6. Mobility at a strong young university with a very good ranking and excellent research results

Required documents

  1. Completed form 04_Annex_Mobility Incoming 1: Working Visits of Foreign Postdoctoral Researchers to the Czech Republic;
  2. Diploma (and/or its recognition) – a simple copy;
  3. Professional CV summarizing publications which can prove his/her research activities outside the Czech Republic (see point 2 above about the given criteria);
  4. Mobility schedule;
  5. Reasons for the Relevance of mobility – Annex 02 (will be submitted after the researcher has been selected).

For more information see „Call for Competition to Fill Posts within International Mobilities at the University of Hradec Králové“ or contact Veronika Hrůzová, coordinator of Mobilities (veronika.hruzova@uhk.cz)